Monday, January 17, 2011

Anniversary Card for Husband

     My husband Shane and I love to take car road trips (we love Route 66!!)...he has a '71 Harley Davidson Sportster (just for short local rides) I combined the two ideas to create this anniversary card for him.
     Our anniversary is 7/7/07...not intentionally! For months we were planning a chili cook-off in our yard for over July 4th weekend and seven weeks before the event Shane and I decided to surprise our guests by getting married at the cook-off...we organized our wedding in seven weeks...we were married by our in ground pool's waterfall with all our guests around us...Shane wore jeans and I wore a jean skirt...we announced the winner of the chili cook-off (we had 18 awesome chili entries!!) and then Shane announced that we were getting married so to gather around the pool...their looks of surprise and happiness was priceless...the only thing traditional about our wedding was our first dance together which was in our driveway...we had made arrangements for the ice cream truck to pull into our drive as we finished our dance and all enjoyed a treat...a fabulous day done our way  :-)


  1. the date of your anniversary o__O well chosen <3

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  2. what a story.
    i love that people can be so spontaneously.
    what a weird word is that!
    i hope you have a great marriage.
    with love,

  3. Awww what a beautiful story and such a unique yet very appropriate anniversary card, I find it uniquely sweet :) Congratulations to you and your husband

    My best wishes to you,
    Rasmi of Wedding anniversary cards