Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vintage Lace

Oh how I love vintage lace!! Can a girl ever have enough vintage lace? No. No. No! Here's a card I created using a touch of vintage lace. Is it possible to be addicted to vintage lace? Yes. Yes. Yes! I'd show a photo of my vintage lace collection but then you'd know to what extreme my addictions go!  ;-)


  1. I have some lace just like that in your envie waiting to go out.

    I'm following here now. Come check out my blog too Pam and you might want to follow there.

    Blessings, Coleen in Ukraine

  2. I love vintage lace too! I have a mini collection going as well. Gorgeous card! ~ glamazon08 (swap-bot)

  3. Pretty Card Pam. Just stopping to say hi. I like using lace on my crafting too.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  4. I´m so glad I discovered your lovely blog via Swap-bot. I really like your scrabooking and bling collection is great, too.

  5. great as an addiction ^^
    i love ribbons it's my addiction ^^
    the card's adorable <3

    Azed from swap bot swp : "Check out mu blog 2"

  6. I have to say that don't do lace justice. A lot of lace lies here.... It is a lovely card and the vintage lady is so chique:-) Lucine from swap-bot: Check out my blog #2 swap