Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Valentine's Day Receipt Holder Display

     Last year I found an authentic receipt holder at a flea market and decided to create holiday wall decor for each of the panels. Below is the one I created this morning for Valentine's Day. I also included photos of what the original receipt holder looked like as well as the Halloween one I made this past fall.  Now I'm off to make one for Easter.
Update: some of you have asked if I am able to switch out the holders and add new papers etc...yes I can...I attached everything by simply slipping the papers and embellishments behind the clips and if I used any adhesive I used removable. Thanks for asking!


  1. What a cool find and a very clever way to upcycle it. nice job!

    eveyinorbit via check out my blog #8

  2. Another great find! Is it reusable? I mean, could you remove the Valentines cards and put in other cards based on the next holiday?

    Emika from swap-bot

  3. Wow, I've never heard of a receipt holder! I now need one too! ;) So, is the art removable, and you change it out for each holiday? Very neat!