Sunday, January 22, 2012

Before/After Shabby Chic Hardware/Button Organizer

     Several months ago, my husband and I went to visit his friend, Tom, who often goes junkin'.  Together the three of us explored out in his barn where he keeps his "finds". Tom says if we see anything we want we can have it. I found this old blue rusty hardware organizer and immediately I think a shabby chic "button organizer"! So I take it home and wash it, sand it, wash each individual drawer several times in order to get the labels off (quite the feat), and paint it white. Finally today was the day I finished the project. After I was done, I asked my husband if I should have put all the embellishments on the top of it. He said,"Of course, they're just going to end up there anyway because when you craft there isn't an empty  flat surface to be found; this way they're glued down so you won't lose them." Always the wise guy...even if he was speaking the truth.  ;-)


  1. that's a great improvement.
    i love the white look.
    with love,

  2. great recycling it looks good as new.

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  3. I adore upcycling projects, so this was a fun transformation to see. I think you did a great job, and I hope you enjoy having this around for a long time.

    eveyinorbit via check out my blog #8

  4. What a great organizer! I would love to find something like this. You did a nice job fixing it up... have fun organizing all your buttons :)

    Emika from swap-bot

  5. Great find! And awesome upcycling - I love that you glued lots of little do dads to the top! And if you're like me, your hubby was right - it would get covered in things anyways, so might as well glue 'em down! ;)